Monday, May 9, 2011

Jeff Goodman: Billy Lange is Coming Back To Villanova

According to a report from's Jeff Goodman, former Villanova assistant, and current Navy head coach Billy Lange will be returning to the Main Line to be a part of Jay Wright's coaching staff as the associate head coach.

On the surface, this is a fantastic move for the program. Not only is Lange a member of the "Villanova Family", but he's also from the area, (played for Herb Magee at Philadelphia University,) and he has head coaching experience on multiple levels of college basketball.  Goodman says: "(Lange) could also be the guy who ultimately replaces Wright down the road if and when he leaves," but don't read into any of that, because I'm pretty sure that the next head coach of Villanova is going to be Bobby Gonzalez, Fred Hill Jr., Steve Lappas, Buzz Williams, or Phil Martelli Brett Gunning, or Pat Chambers.

It's just nice to see the school spend some money on an assistant coach with prior head coaching experience at the division one level.

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