Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Matt Szczur Stats Update

As I've mentioned here the last two days, former Villanova superstar Matt Szczur has hit home runs in two consecutive games.  He still has his skeptics, (myself included, ) but he seems to be figuring things out.

Stats through 33 games (154 Plate Appearances):
.343 BA
.409 OBP
.460 SLG
.869 OPS
47 H
10 2B
2 HR
13 SB (1 CS)
15 BB
11 K

It'll be interesting to see how long he stays in Peoria if he keeps producing at this level.


  1. you got to remember this is essentially his first year committed to baseball completely, yea hes 22 in low A but hes had to dedicate august-december to football for the last four years, where most his peers are still involved primarily with baseball. he will be behind the learning curve a bit simply because he hasnt been able to do the work that his peers have done. that being said, his freakish athleticism will bode very well in his favor. i thought they moved him along pretty fast last summer (maybe incentive to get him to opt out of football early) but i dont see how taking a more cautious approach this year will really hurt him considering how much catching up he has to do.

  2. it negates his production a little bit because the guys he's playing against are young and unpolished or simply organizational players.