Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oliver Luck Has Finally Learned To Shut Up?

While  you can still tell through innuendo that he wants no part of Villanova in the conference, WVU athletic director Oliver Luck is finally obeying orders and keeping quiet.
Luck wouldn't go there ... maybe because he went there publicly, candidly (and not briefly) on the air last month, after Big East Commissioner John Marinatto had issued a gag order of sorts on members discussing that particular piece of the expansion puzzle.
Luck's law degree and business background in pro sports before he took the WVU athletic reins serve him very well in these matters. And in detouring around the Villanova pothole - "I have to defer to the conference there," he said - Luck found a route he'd like to see the Big East travel.
 Alright.. good to know  you can stay quiet.

His reference point was the recent $3 billion, 12-year telecast contract the Pac-10 (to be the Pac-12 on July 1) landed from the unexpected rights marriage of ESPN and Fox. The deal will provide about $21 million on average annually to member schools.
"One of the things I really found interesting, if you followed the Pac-10 or 12 and the recent TV negotiation - and what happened was pretty eye-opening, pretty spectacular - was something (Commissioner) Larry Scott was asked," Luck said.
Ugh. Get it through your thick skull that the Big East has nowhere near the brand power of the Pac-12. WVU is nowhere near USC or UCLA in terms of recognition.

While this man has learned something in terms of following instructions, he's really learned nothing when it comes to the place of his school and conference in terms of the national landscape.

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