Monday, May 2, 2011

Taking a Stab At a Pre-Fall Football Depth Chart: Offense

The Playmaker
It is still four months away from the beginning of football season, and three months until camp begins, but it's fun to make projections, so projections I will make!

Quarterback- Christian Culicerto or Dustin Thomas: If I really had to guess, it's going to be Culicerto headed into fall camp, based on some info that I've gathered and a practice I attended in which he received most of the snaps.  Aparrently Thomas hasn't been very impressive.

Tailback- Lawrence Doss: He's paid his dues, give him a shot, and if he sucks, give the rock to Austin Medley or one of the freshmen.

Wide Receivers- Norman White, Dorian Wells, and Joe Price: While he hasn't seen a ton of time, the coaches are high on Price, and the offense works best when there are two big receivers and one smaller one.

Tight End- Brennan Erbeznik: A fairly easy call because he's the only tight end on the roster at the moment.

Offensive Tackle- Josh Bucci and Chidozie Ekweozor: Bucci moves over from guard, and Ekweozor stays at tackle.  Expect Ekweozor to play on whichever side is the opening day starting quarterback's blind side. 

Guard- Ross Hall and Josh Polonio: I know the staff are very high on Hall, and Polonio is a guess.  My best guess is that this is a position that will be filled by one of the true freshmen.. Keep an eye on Vince Kowalski come fall.

Center- Dan Shirey: A starter since a few weeks into his freshman season, Shirey is guaranteed a start at the pivot this season as long as he is healthy.

Kicker- Nick Yako or Mark Hamilton: after last year's abortion of a season, I fully expect Yako to bounce back this season.

That's it for today, but I'll be back later in the week with a projection for the defense, which will involve a lot more conjecture.


  1. i think this looks pretty good...the line is the biggest question mark. jordy paulemon is a name i think to throw back in there. erbeznik is huge but i dont know how much were going to utilize a te being that we have norm, dorian, mikey, joe price, and kenny miles to spread out. its going to be tough replacing all our rbs but doss looked really promising last year. qb is going to be an open competition but being that christian has a one up on the playbook over polony and dustin just isnt ready yet i think hell get most looks in camp. i also think hamilton will kick fg and yako will kick off like last year.

  2. is paulemon still at VU? he just disappeared.

  3. from my understanding he was suspended during the football season from the school for the remainder of the academic year hence the disappearance. i believe he will be back for this upcoming season.

  4. good.. if he's back then he's my starter at right guard.

  5. Question, do you think that Nova will look to go down the field more this year, as it seems Norman White is gonna be the big playmaker? I think they should move away from dinky screen passes. And I would also like to know how Culicerto/Thomas compare to Whitney in terms of physical skills and skill set/style of play. Thanks.

  6. i know that thomas is faster/more agile than whitney but not nearly as physical.. not too sure about culicerto. he looks to have a fairly live arm though.