Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Taking a Stab At a Pre-Fall Football Depth Chart: Defense

Just about the only sure thing
The second part of a two part series.. It is still four months away from the beginning of football season, and three months until camp begins, but it's fun to make projections, so projections I will make!

Defensive End- Rakim Cox and Marlon Johnson: Both are players with significant starting experience. Johnson is coming off a severe knee injury, but it happened early enough last season that it shouldn't be much of a problem.  If the starter isn't one of these two, expect junior Tamai Young, or sophomore Keelan Malone to get the lion's share of the snaps.

Nose Tackle- Antoine Lewis: After starting most of last season's games at defensive end, Lewis should move inside to his more natural nose tackle position.  With the requisite size for the position, this should be a smooth transition.  His versatility could come in handy in a pinch.  Young could also battle for position at this spot. 

Linebacker- Delano Ferguson, Devon Bridges, and Tyrone Armstrong: This is so difficult to project because there are three graduates from this past year.  I basically selected three names and threw them on the list. Take far less stock into this position as all the others.  Take a look out for Emeka Ndichie and several freshmen come fall.

Safety- Ronnie Akins, Shane Harris, and Craig James: Two of these guys have at least some experience, with Akins flashing in his first two seasons, and James playing well on special teams.  Harris is the wild card.  Freshmen could see significant time on this unit, and look for Dominic Scarnecchia to possibly see some time here, especially in a pinch.

Cornerback- Eric Loper and James Pitts: The most stable position group on the team.  This will be the third year in a row that Loper and Pitts will be paired up at the corner.  Aside from these two, Leighton Dennis should see some action, and possibly Kelvin Johnson

Punter- Dominic Scarnecchia: After a fine junior season, Scarnecchia should retain his starting position for his senior season.  If he's pressed into action on defense, Mark Hamilton should be able to fill in capably.

That's it for this.. I'll try to get some more information in the near future.  

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