Friday, May 13, 2011

The West Virginia Media Consensus: No Villanova in The Big East

There is a consensus in the West Virginia University media community-- the Big East must do anything necessary to say no to Villanova. From the outset, there seems to have been at least one article  a week (an exaggeration) coming out of West Virginia imploring the conference to stay away from Villanova, and offering their own alternatives (UCF, Houston, ECU, and Memphis).  The duty of the media is to be impartial, but it's obvious that the media establishment in West Virginia has no interest in being anything but fervent supporters of the Mountaineer football program.

For example, here is an article yesterday entitled "Point-Counterpoint: Big East Expansion," the problem with the article? It doesn't present a point/counterpoint argument. Both of the idiots argue virtually the exact same thing, including the often repeated refrain that Villanova doesn't belong in the conference to play football, which leads me to believe that there is a fear amongst WVU fans that VU will join the conference and become an instant threat to them, much like UConn has been.  West Virginia has absolutely no interest in competition from smaller schools that are better academically than them.  Is this an inferiority complex, or is it simply xenophobia? I don't think we can say for sure. One thing we can say for sure is that the state West Virginia is almost unanimously against Villanova in the Big East.

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