Monday, May 16, 2011

Yep, Will Sheridan's Gay

Note: I normally don't get into sociopolitical issues on here, but this is national news. Ignoring this story would be irresponsible, especially because it falls directly into the scope of what my blog covers.

It's official, former Villanova forward Will Sheridan is gay. Coming out in an article on by Dana O'Neil, Sheridan discussed his own personal journey as a gay collegiate athlete, and how his teammates didn't make it an issue, despite the fact that he was open with them.
They were sitting in their dorm room late at night talking, not necessarily about anything deep or meaningful. Just talking, as people do at the end of the day.
They were Villanova freshmen, two guys tossed together by the fate of their college who would grow so close that even now, eight years later, they remain as tight as brothers.
And so that night as they talked casually, their friendship already on solid footing, Will Sheridan told Mike Nardi something he had only told a few people.
"I just said, 'I need to tell you something ... I'm gay,'" Sheridan said.

I was a freshman when Will Sheridan was a senior, and I'm not surprised in the least by this news.  It was pretty much an open secret from the moment that I walked on campus that "Bump" was gay. I'll admit that I'm not perfect, and that I've been known to say offensive things about all groups, but I wasn't about to let one gay Villanova player affect how I rooted for my team, especially a player like Will Sheridan, the true definition of a "student athlete".

I'm not going to go congratulating Will on his courageousness, because in 2011, he should be able to live his life. I am going to say that I'm proud of Will for always being a tremendous representative of Villanova in every way. A lot of players end up doing stupid things, but Will Sheridan is the epitome of class, and regardless of whether he's gay or straight, Villanova fans should be proud of Will Sheridan for the fact that he is classy, intelligent, articulate, and is a fantastic representative of the fine university that we are fans of.


  1. Well stated Fact. Will is one of the better people we've had who also happened to be a student athlete. Don't forget, he also got one of the biggest baskets ever for the Cats in the BC NCAA game in 2006.

  2. I thought for sure that the "doing stupid things" link was going to an article on Dante, Reggie or JVP, would've put money on it.

  3. After reading the article and attending Nova (Class of '07), I commend Will for his courage, but I also can see the stance of the University as it is a conservative, catholic institution. It would be interesting to hear the perspective of Father Donahue, although I doubt anyone would comment on it because it is a slippery slope.

  4. father peter definitely knows tons of gay people given his background in theater.. Villanova definitely won't comment though.