Thursday, June 30, 2011

Temple Football To The Big East? HAHAHAHA

It appears that the coaches of Pennsylvania Government Waste (Temple) are telling recruits that The Owls are moving to the Big East. Of course, Temple fans are abuzz about this on their forums, but there have been zero mentions of this in the mainstream media.
One of the recruits flat-out said that the Temple coaches have told him that the school is going to be playing in the Big East soon and another recruit's father, Tavon Young, offered this interesting nugget yesterday:
"Tavon has committed to Temple,” said Mr. Young. “First and foremost is the academics and they pass with flying colors. He has always loved the staff that came up from Florida. He likes the defensive scheme. It is close to home and he will be a part of the Big East in 2012."
When you consider the fact that the deadline for Temple joining the Big East for 2012 is today, this "story" smells of bullshit. The same blogger who came up with this also said last year that Temple was going to be joining the Conference USA, a move that did not and has not happened. Based on the proven track record of this particular blog being wrong, it is safe to say that this is:
    1. False.
    2. Dirty/unethical recruiting by Steve Addazio and staff if they are in fact telling kids this.
It will be interesting to see if this will blow up in the faces of the Temple staff if the kids realize that they are not in fact switching conferences.

2011-12 Big East Opponents

The Big East has released the matchups for the the upcoming season in lieu of a full schedule which should be released some time in the near future. Villanova plays Marquette, Cincinnati, and USF twice in 2012 and every other team once.

Villanova's opponents:

HOME: Cincinnati; Connecticut; DePaul; Marquette; Notre Dame; Providence; Seton Hall; USF; Syracuse.

AWAY: Cincinnati; Georgetown; Louisville; Marquette; Pittsburgh; Rutgers; St. John's; USF; West Virginia.

But don't forget the most important conference rivalry this season:

That is all.

Is Kerry Kittles' Record Unbreakable?

I was so convinced that Scottie Reynolds was going to break Kerry Kittles school record of 2,243 points that I was counting down the number of points he needed to set the record. Ultimately, Scottie fell crushingly short, and it simply underscored how difficult it is for someone to score that many points in this day in age.

To assess the difficulty of this, one must understand the current landscape of college basketball.  In modern college basketball, only extraordinary circumstances would prevent a player with 1,500+ career points after his junior year from going pro. In Scottie's case, this extraordinary circumstance was his lack of NBA-caliber athleticism. In 2011, there is little to no chance that Kittles would have returned to Villanova after leading his team to a Big East tournament championship and winning conference player of the year.

Another thing to consider is the number of games necessary to do this. Scottie played 139 games in his career, 17 more than Kittles, who played in 122 games and averaged over two points per game more (18.4-16.0). Not every player will play as many games as Scottie, who had a pair of deep NCAA tournament runs, but the chances are that they will also play more games than Kittles. If the average player plays 130 career games in a four year career, it would take 17.3 points per game over a career to attain this. 

This is certainly an attainable record in theory, I personally do not think anybody will do it for quite a long while, unless there are extraordinary circumstances. You consider that Kerry Kittles has held the record for 15 years already, and when 2014 rolls around, he'll be the all time scoring leader at Villanova for a longer period than anyone else in the history of the program.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Three Seconds, Can Sheila Reid Haz It?

Sheila Reid needs three seconds. Not ten, not fifteen, but three. Despite being Canadian National Champion, a double NCAA Champion, and one of the hottest runners in North America right now, she will not be able to go to the upcoming IAAF World Championships in Daegu, South Korea unless she makes up three seconds on her season's best time in the 1500m. Emily Infeld, from rival Georgetown who was left in Reid's wake on several occasions at big meets, has a "B" qualifying standard by virtue of being pulled along by faster runners in a race with a deeper field.  There is no question that Reid was a better runner this year than Infeld, (her results on the track prove that she was,) but she does not have a qualifying standard because she decided to run her races against the other runners as opposed to the clock.

Anyone who knows anything about track knows that no two distance races are the same; some are deliberately slow in order to set up a "kick" at the finish, and some have "rabbits" pushing the pace. The problem is that as an amateur, Reid hasn't had the opportunity to compete in many extremely fast fields with a rabbit intentionally setting a pace, (championship races are tactical, slow, and often boring,) but if she does not gain three seconds on her PB by August, she will not be able to compete in Daegu, even though she has so clearly earned it.

Her best time: 4:11.85
What she needs: 4:08.90

Somebody give this girl three seconds!

Will D. Cat: Wedding Guest

Fumbling around Youtube today, I found this video of our beloved mascot Will D. Cat standing outside of the chapel while a wedding is going on. Now this isn't an unprecedented step, to invite a mascot to a wedding, but now I'm torn as to which mascot I want at my wedding.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


If by winning, you mean that they subsidize their athletic program more than any other public school in the nation.
Since 2006, Rutgers has spent more than $115 million to cover athletics spending, a USA TODAY analysis finds.
I'm not a taxpayer (or resident) of New Jersey, but I'd be pissed about this ridiculous leech on my state's treasury.  I'd be especially pissed because Rutgers sucks at just about every sport.

Music Tuesday: Immortal Technique

Immortal Technique (born Felipe Coronel) is perhaps best known for his radical left wing politics that makes Mos Def look about as liberal as Ronald Reagan. A self styled "revolutionary", he is in my humble opinion the best pure rapper of my generation when you combine lyrical styling with delivery. The only real thing that bothers me about him is that he is your stereotypical conspiracy nut, and it finds its way into the music.

Music after the jump

BREAKING NEWS: Darrun Hilliard Has Somniloquy

Now this won't be cause for concern until hookers start disappearing, but it seems to be affecting Cheek's sleep pattern at the very least.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sheila Reid is a Badass and a Canadian National Champion

Villanova track track superstar Sheila Reid won yet another major championship, this time in the 1500 meters at the national championships in her native Canada (a country).  And once again, she did it with her trademark kick (you'd think people wouldn't let her do this anymore).  Suck it non-Villanova affiliated Canadians.
  1 Reid, Sheila              89 Athletics To           4:16.97  
  2 Stellingwerff, Hilary     81 Speed River            4:17.44  
  3 Elmore, Malindi           80 U OF C Athle           4:17.85  
  4 Van Buskirk, Kate         87 Athletics To           4:24.39  
  5 Cliff, Rachel L.          88 Speed River            4:31.73  
  6 Hinther, Ashley           84 PR Athletics           4:35.99  
  7 Wyman, Jillian            89 Ontario Unat           4:39.55  
  8 Digby, Erica M.           89 Unattach BC            4:39.97  
  9 Roy, Joanie               91 LE Coureur N           4:42.02  
 10 Hughes, Melanie           90 Corsaire Cha           4:45.65

Dwayne Anderson- Become Legendary

Featuring Michael Jordan

Friday, June 24, 2011

Operation Chaos Part Deux: Google Bomb Temple

Since Temple fans have been gloating today about their 50th overall draft pick, I've decided to declare war on them in the safest way possible, (i don't want to get mugged,) on the internet.

How about we try to make it so that the first result for "Pennsylvania government waste" is Temple's official athletics website.

The idea is simple. You flood the internet with links to the Temple website with the link text "Pennsylvania government waste". after it is linked to enough times, Google's algorithm will take over and make it so is one of the first results.

Here's the html code for it (replace the ( )with < >):
(a href="">pennsylvania government waste(/a) 

The first step is to repeat what i just showed you in the comment section, and then throughout the internet wherever you can.

Off Topic: Dick Enberg's Bloody Blue Balls, Oh My!

I'm a big fan of Dick Enberg, but this recent exchange while broadcasting Wimbledon shows that he may be losing it just a tad. Chris "Jim" Evert's pause after his blue balls comment is what makes it hilarious. 

Rhines Makes World Championships, Curtis Doesn't

Former Villanova runner Jen Rhines finished in third in the final of the women's 10,000 meter race at the US Track & Field championships, assuring her place on the team for the upcoming world championships in Daegu, South Korea.  Fellow Villanovan Bobby Curtis didn't have as much luck, as he finished fourth in a slow, tactical 10,000 meter race. This is unfortunate for Curtis because he ran one of the fastest times ever run by an American at that distance earlier this season. Curtis could still conceivably make the team if an injury happens to one of the guys who beat him.


Women's 10,000 Meters
1 Shalane Flanagan Oregon TC Elite 30:59.97
2 Kara Goucher Oregon TC Elite 31:16.65
3 Jennifer Rhines adidas 31:30.37
4 Desiree Davila Hansons-Brooks Distance Projec 31:37.14
5 Magdalena Lewy Boulet Saucony 31:48.58

Men's 10,000 Meters
1 Galen Rupp Nike 28:38.17
2 Matt Tegenkamp Oregon TC Elite 28:39.97
3 Scott Bauhs adidas 28:40.51
4 Robert Curtis Reebok 28:42.50
5 Tim Nelson Oregon TC Elite 28:43.41

Something For Gloating Temple Fans

When Temple fans gloat about their second round draft pick last night, just remind them about how much of a joke the "Bernard Pierce for Heisman" campaign was.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

On Needless Comparisons Between Players

If there's one thing I hate, it's analysts making useless comparisons between players that have little merit. These comparisons are generally lazy, and serve no real purpose. This past week, a college basketball reporter who I will not name, (because I don't mean to offend and because I don't follow him on twitter,) has made two absolutely ridiculous comparisons that to my semi-educated eye have absolutely zero merit.

Stupid comparison number one:
[Alec Burks of Colorado] Reminds me Kerry Kittles w-o the jumper
Kerry Kittles without a jump shot is not Kerry Kittles. Period. The jumper was so integral to Kittles' game that the comparison is based on little more than the fact that Alec Burks is a skinny black guy just like Kerry Kittles.

Stupid comparison number two:
Villanova's James Bell is a finalist for U-19 National Team - really reminds me of former Wildcats wing Dwayne Anderson. 
 James Bell and Dwayne Anderson have little in common except:
  1. They're both black.
  2. They both play/played for Villanova.
  3. They played sparingly their freshman years.
Other than those facts, their games are utterly dissimilar. Dwayne Anderson was physically developed, old for his class, and had a developed jump shot. James Bell is young for his class, a physical project, and with a still unpolished offensive game.

So my message to journalists is simple: stop making stupid comparisons that have little merit.

James Bell To Represent USA, Who Is James Bell?

Who is this guy, I've never heard of him?

IT'S OFFICIAL-- Villanova-Delaware Will Be At PPL Park!

According to Chris Vito of the Delco Times.

Mouphtaou Yarou 2010-2011 Highlights

Qui veut du sexe Mouphtaou?
Quem quer Mouphtaou sexo?
Wer will Sex Mouphtaou?
Wie wil seks Mouphtaou?
Who wants to sex Mouptaou?

Clint Dempsey's Goal vs. Panama (AKA Why Univision is Awesome)

Not quite to the broadcasting standard of Landon Donovan's goal against Algeria, but still pretty sweet.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Villanova's Sheila Reid is Finalist For The Honda-Broderick Cup

Continuing a season of non-stop accolades, Villanova middle distance runner Sheila Reid could potentially add another: the Honda-Broderick Cup, the top woman collegiate athlete in America as voted by the NCAA member institutions.  She was announced as one of the three finalists today, along with Maya Moore of UConn (basketball) and Blair Brown of Penn State (volleyball).  This award has been won by a Villanova track star once before when Vicki Huber won the award in 1989.  This season, Reid became the first woman in history to win both the 1500 meters and the 5000 meters at the NCAA outdoor Track & Field Championships

Villanova Runners at USA Track & Field Championships

Bobby Curtis
Four alums and one current member of the Villanova track team are participating at this weekend's USA Track & Field Championships at Hayward Field in Eugene, Oregon. Aside from qualifying for the upcoming World Championships in South Korea, something to look out for is the qualifying times for the upcoming Olympic Games in London.

All times Eastern (webcast link)

Women's 1500 meters.....Semi-finals: Thursday, June 23 @ 9:15 p.m.
1. Ellen Dougherty (4:17.18)

Women's 5000 meters.....Final: Friday, June 24 @ 10:20 p.m.
1. Jen Rhines (15:14.88)
2. Frances Koons (15:29.96)

Women's 10,000 meters.....Final: Thursday, June 23 @ 10:15 p.m.
1. Jen Rhines (31:43.00)

Women's 100 meter Hurdles.....First Round: Saturday, June 25 @ 4:20
1. Shericka Ward (13.16)

Men's 10,000 meters.....Final: Thursday, June 23 @ 7:55 p.m.
1. Bobby Curtis (27:24.00)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

A Troll's Fantastic Social Experiment In Recruiting News

I've stated this before: I hate covering recruiting. Yes, recruiting is an integral part of the college game, but the rankings that are issued are often based largely on projections by people who do not know what they're talking about.

Enter "Jonathan Paige". Paige is not a real person, he was a social experiment. "Paige" created a blog and a twitter account where he simply regurgitated reports from reliable sources, and wound up gaining some unlikely followers and gained a strange degree of credibility for someone who didn't really exist.  This basically underscores my belief that covering recruiting is a strangely voyeuristic and largely fruitless venture. One thing is for sure about recruiting coverage though, it gets page views like nothing else, and if "Jonathan Paige" proved anything, he proved those two truths above just about anything else.

Happy Birthday Dana Holgorsen!

Oops.. forgot that this didn't really happen.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Upgrade Fodder: Good News For Villanova Football?

Brett McMurphy of CBSSports has written several pieces on Big East expansion and in a new article where he reveals the Big East turned down a $1 Billion offer, he states that the conference will not go to 12 teams unless two of teams are Army and Navy.

Says McMurphy:

Even though the league's coaches favor expanding to 12 teams and adding a championship game, there are several reasons why the league might be better off with only 10 teams.
While college football industry sources told last month the league could approach Navy and Army as football-only members to get to 12 teams, if the service academies aren't interested, the league's best approach would be a 10-team league.
And, surprise, the No. 1 reason, is money.
"A championship football game is not the 'be all-end all,' " a college football industry source said. "I'm not sure what they would gain with one. It's a safe assumption to say they'll go to 10 teams. Ten creates more inventory [of games] that is productive and can be used. Twelve teams [without Navy and Army] bring diminishing returns.
Surprise surprise.. UCF and ECU aren't going to bring more revenue. This is something that I've been humping for months. Army and Navy would add something tangible that a few C-USA teams couldn't offer. This is promising news for Villanova because the conference would be able to get to ten football teams without adding a school with which to split additional revenue.

Kenny Britt: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

See, this is what you get with Rutgers(NJ)

Corey Stokes Senior Year Highlights

Another brilliant montage by SeanDon.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

James Bell is a Finalist For The US U-19 Team.. Who Is James Bell?

How can a guy be a finalist for a spot on a national team if his own coach doesn't know he exists.

Happy Father's Day

I just want to wish all of the dads out there a Happy Father's Day.

Matt Szczur Rides The Bus: Fifth Home Run Edition

Former Villanova football and baseball star Matt Szczur is making his case to be promoted to the Daytona Cubs after the upcoming Midwest League all star game as he has clearly been outperforming the level that he currently is playing in. On Saturday, Szczur went 1-4 with a home run for the Class A Peoria Chiefs.

Through 50 Games (231 Plate Appearances):
  • .324 BA
  • .381 OBP
  • .462 SLG
  • 68 Hits
  • 12 2B
  • 1 3B
  • 5 HR
  • 19 BB
  • 19 SO
  • 15 SB (4 CS)
While his batting average has gone down, that is likely just a function of his luck on balls in play regressing back to the mean. His slugging percentage has risen, and his walk/strikeout rates have stayed fairly stagnant.  There's really little more for him to show at this level, and if he isn't promoted soon, it's a bit of a head scratcher.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

RIP Big Man

Not sure if you've heard the news, but Clarence Clemons, the most distinctive member of the E Street Band has died at 69 after suffering a stroke last weekend. I generally try to keep things on topic and less than serious, but when something I personally think is important happens, I post it.

Rutgers Is A Leech on The Big East

According to the NCAA Director's Cup standings, Rutgers is worse than DePaul, Providence, Marquette, and St. John's.  Our friends at On The Banks are probably still trying to convince themselves that Rutgers is a Big Ten caliber school. Villanova actually acquitted itself rather well, coming in fifth in the conference and the top 50 overall.

Oh My God.. This is AWESOME

What a foul mouth. Incredible.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Jay Wright on "Recruiting Student Athletes"


 He probably got paid five grand to appear in this for 58 seconds. Side note-- he's so pretty.

Sheila Reid Wins Yet Another Award, And Video of Her 1500 Championship

Villanova track superstar Sheila Reid has just added another award to her trophy case. This time it is her second Honda Sports Award. She previously won the award for cross country this fall. She is now the only woman to win the award in both track and cross country in the same season.

Now, courtesy of Stony Brook, here is her 1500m championship for those of you who haven't seen it. Ignore the last several minutes of it because they're just interviewing some Kiwi that runs for Stony Brook.

Villanova Link Day!

Another slow news week. Football news is basically at a standstill, and we're way far away from basketball season for much of substance in that direction.
That's about it.

In honor of his 40th birthday, today's old school hip hop song is To Live & Die in L.A. by 2Pac. Happy birthday Pac.

Vancouver, I Salute You!

I find this awesome. You're still not nearly as bad as Philly fans though.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Music Tuesday: Rush

I became a fan of Rush only recently, and completely by accident, but now they're one of my favorite bands. Some criticize Rush for being cheesy, or geeky, but their success and longevity is a big middle finger to their critics.

Geddy Lee- Bass, Vocals and Keyboards
Alex Lifeson- Guitar
Neil Peart- Drums and Lyrics

Music after the jump

Villanova Track All Americans

The US Track & Field and Cross Country Coaches Association has announced their All-American list, and four of them were from Villanova. In a slight twist of irony, only one of the All-Americans from Villanova (Shericka Ward) is an American.
5000m Run            Bogdana Mimic SO          Second Team
1500m Run            Sheila Reid JR            First Team
5000m Run            Sheila Reid JR            First Team
100m Hurdles         Shericka Ward JR          Second Team
1500m Run            Matthew Gibney  SR        First Team
Best of all for Villanova is the fact that all of them except for Matt Gibney have eligibility for next season.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Matt Szczur Rides The Bus: Fourth Home Run Edition

Former Villanova football and baseball great Matt Szczur continues to play very well for the Chicago Cubs Lo-A affiliate Peoria Chiefs. On Saturday, he went 2-5 with a  home run, his fourth of the season. He was recently named a starter in the Midwest League All Star Game.  His appearance in that game will likely be his swansong in Peoria as he has clearly played his way out of this level and could use a promotion to the Daytona Cubs of the Hi-A Florida State League so that he can face some more difficult competition.

Here are his stats through 44 games (208 PAs):
  • .335 BA
  • .391 OBP
  • .463 SLG
  • 12 2B
  • 4 HR
  • 14 SB
  • 4 CS
  • 17 BB
  • 18 K
It will be interesting to see whether or not he'll be promoted in the next couple of weeks.  As for his advancement through the Cubs system, I think the best case scenario is that he does well in Daytona and begins next season at AA Tennessee. More realistically though, I think it will take him a while to adjust to the more difficult FSL, and he will have to spend close to a full season there. This is a crucial juncture for a lot of young minor league players because the pitching is only going to get better as you climb the ladder and we'll see whether or not Szczur can adjust if he is in fact called up.

Matt Gibney Post 1500 Interview

After finishing Fourth in the 1500 meters at the NCAA Championships.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sheila Reid Post 1500m Interview And Some Related Nuggets

Nuggets on Sheila Reid's win:
  • First woman EVER to win the 1500m and 5000m double at the NCAA championships.
  • First Villanova woman to win the 1500m since fellow Canadian Carmen Douma won the event in 1998.
  • One of five Villanova women to win at least four NCAA championships. With a year of eligibility remaining!
  • If you include the cross country, indoor, and outdoor seasons she is now a four-time national champion, nine-time All-American and 11-time BIG EAST champion.
  •  Her NCAA Championship is the second all time at the 1500m and fifth at the 5000m for a Villanova woman.
  • Finally, while she may not have the sheer pace of a Vicki Huber or Sonia O'Sullivan, her tactics and her performances at national meets have made her one of the all time greats in Villanova women's T&F history.

2011 Villanova Football Roster is Finalized

Posted Here

Full roster after the jump

Sheila Reid Does The Double!

Sheila Reid just won the 1500.. Chuck Norris wishes his kick was as strong as Sheila Reid's.

 Place Athlete Name Yr Affiliation Time     Pts        
 1 Sheila Reid JR Villanova 4:14.57     10         
 2 Lucy Van Dalen JR Stony Brook 4:15.33     8         
 3 Kate Van Buskirk SR Duke 4:15.37     6         
 4 Renee Tomlin SR Georgetown 4:16.17     5         
 5 Becca Friday SO Oregon 4:16.76     4         
 6 Hannah Brooks SR Florida State 4:16.81     3         
 7 Morgane Gay JR Virginia 4:17.40     2         
 8 Jordan Hasay SO Oregon 4:17.67     1         
 9 Lea Wallace SR Sacramento St. 4:18.73              
 10 Cory McGee FR Florida 4:19.18              
 11 Kristen Gillespie JR Arkansas 4:21.75              
 12 Brittany Sheffey JR Tennessee 4:22.50              
 DNS Rachel Schneider SO Georgetown 

Video: Sheila Reid After Her 5000m NCAA Championship

And the award ceremony if you're interested in that.

Some nuggets about Reid's victory:
  • She is the third Villanova woman to win the NCAA 5000m title. Carrie Tollefson won in 1999 and Jen Rhines won in 1994, 1995, and 1996
  • She is the second Villanova woman to win an individual NCAA outdoor track championship from Canada. Carmen Douma-Hussar, the only other won the 1500 in 1998.
  • In the finals of the 1500, she has a chance to be only the second Villanova woman to win two individual events at the NCAA championship.  Tollefson achieved this feat in 1999 when she won the 5000 and the 3000.  
An unrelated track nugget: I can say with an almost complete degree of certainty that the Villanova 400m record of 43.97 seconds that was set by Larry James in the 1968 Olympics will never be broken.

Friday, June 10, 2011


This video doesn't hurt nearly as much anymore!

 PlaceAthlete NameYrAffiliationTimePts
 1Sheila ReidJRVillanova15:37.5710 
 2Emily InfeldSOGeorgetown15:38.23
 3Abbey D'AgostinoFRDartmouth15:40.69
 4Jordan HasaySOOregon15:41.00
 5Kathy KroegerSOStanford15:45.55

Bill Stewart Salutes The Crowd in Front of Mountaineer One

Click to the image to embiggen

As you may have heard, Bill Stewart resigned today. This is an exclusive image of him after doing so.

NCAA Track Championship Video

Villanova runners Sheila Reid and Bogdana Mimic will be competing in the 5,000 meter finals at the NCAA Championship in Des Moines at 9:10 EST.  It's televised on CBS College Sports Network or streaming online.

Streaming Link

Curtis Sumpter Highlight Video

Another highlight video by SeanDon.. This time it's one of my all time favorite Villanova Wildcats.

Corey Fisher Senior Highlights

Contrary to popular belief, Scottie Reynolds' girlfriend was not knocked up during the making of this video.  Thanks again to SeanDon for winning really hard.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Debbie Loves Cats

She claims to be a recent Villanova MBA grad, and I have a sneaking suspicion she's not real.

Dana Holgorsen and Bill Stewart Back In Happier Times

Click To Embiggen

Villanova Pitcher Mike Francisco Drafted in The 48th Round By Milwaukee

Mike Francisco, the left handed closer from Villanova was drafted in the 48th round yesterday by the Milwaukee Brewers

Villanova head coach Joe Godri on Francisco:
"Mike is only the seventh player from Villanova to be selected twice in the draft and he is the first from our program taken by the Brewers. I am extremely happy for Mike. He has a power arm and, with velocity in the 88-92 range and an imposing frame at 6-foot-4, there is no question that he can be successful at the next level."
While I disagree that 88-92 MPH velocity qualifies one as a "power arm", there are pitchers (especially left-handed ones) with less than fantastic velocity who are able to make a lot of money for a long time by serving as lefty specialists. I don't know how Francisco does against lefties, but if he can get them out consistently, he could be a valuable commodity in a major league organization.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Video: Antonio Pena Talks About His Workout With The 76ers

Kyle McMyne Scouting Reports

Kyle McMyne was looking like a big time prospect last summer, but he had a pretty shitty season to say the least with a 4.75 ERA and a ton of walks despite his abundance of strikeouts.  Here's a collection of quotes about him.

Perfect Game:
PROSPECT ON THE DECLINE: Kyle McMyne, rhp, Villanova University. With his mid-90s fastball and power slider, McMyne was being talk about as a possible first-rounder at various times last summer and fall. But he hasn’t consistently showcased his best stuff, or commanded his pitches this spring in a starting role.
Baseball America:

McMyne, who opened the season with a win against Norfolk State, came out firing against Duke, setting the Blue Devils down in order. 
The second inning was another story, however. McMyne gave up three hits, walked two guys and hit another, giving up six runs in the inning
His fastball sat in the 93-95 mph range and he touched 96 several times. He threw a 12-6 curveball in the 75-78 mph range, a slider between 82-84 mph and mixed in a couple changeups.
ESPN's Keith Law:
"McMyne was 92-94 when I saw him and two scouts saw him up to 96 a few days earlier - and hitters were swinging and missing at his low-80's slider. He was a starter this spring but I didn't see a third pitch in his relief outing on Tuesday." 
My Verdict:

While there are definitely some things to like about McMyne, if he cannot command his pitches in college, there is zero chance that he will remain a starter in the pros. Walk Rates progressively increase as you rise through the minors and his walk rate should be his most important statistic as he progresses through the minors.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Villanova RHP Kyle McMyne Picked In 4th Round By Cincinnati

Pitching In The Cape Cod League Last Summer
Villanova right hander Kyle McMyne was drafted in the 4th round (145th overall) by the Cincinnati Reds in the 2011 MLB Draft.  He was 4-8 this season with 4.75 ERA for The 'Cats. Impressively, he struck out 94 in 77 2/3 innings.

More to come on McMyne and the MLB Draft Later

Music Tuesday: Cast Iron Filter

It's the offseason, and since there's not much to talk about, I'll give my readers a band/artist that I either think is underrated or one that my readers have likely never heard of on various tuesdays. Today's band is Cast Iron Filter, a progressive bluegrass band from Davidson, North Carolina. They only existed for six years, but in that time they released five full length albums.

  • Paradise in Palestine (August 1999)
  • Further Down the Line (September 2000)
  • This Ugly Town (October 2001)
  • Live From the Highway (October 2002)
  • Falls of Rough (August 2004)
Now to the music (after the jump

Patrick Chambers on Big Ten Network

Also, a self serving happy birthday to my favorite person.. ME!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Maalik Wayns 2010-2011 Highlights

Disclaimer: Do not expect many threes to be made in the course of this video.

Thanks once again to SeanDon for his effort.

Did You Know That UCF is Responsible For The Moon Landing? I Didn't Either

Wernher Von Braun, UCF Graduate?

I guess I should be used to delusional UCF fans after seeing them raid the Villanova message boards and their comments on one of my posts, but I have been surprised yet again. I have no beef with UCF as a school, but their fanbase is so wrought with misinformation along with delusions of grandeur that I should be shocked by nothing but when I came across the comment shown below on a message board thread, my jaw literally dropped due to the sheer implausibility of the clame.
ncaaball, the reason the U.S. was first to the moon was because UCF engineers put them there. This University was created to supply the finest engineers for NASA out at Kennedy Space Center starting in 1963. Please, keep telling me a community college put Armstrong on the moon - if you keep saying it, then it may be true.
Editor's Disclaimer: I disagree wholeheartedly with the assertion that UCF is a "community college" because by all accounts, it is an up and coming public university.  

Disclaimer and niceties aside, anyone suggesting that UCF engineers put Armstrong on the moon is absolutely ludicrous. After a simple Google search, I found that the first graduating class at Florida Technical University (what is now known as University of Central Florida) was the class of 1970.  For this moronic fan's assertion to be plausible, it would have meant that even the earliest FTU student had a job at NASA in 1963, when a lot of them were only 13 years old.

I have no idea of the present makeup of NASA, (according to @ParadigmShift35, a rocket scientist at NASA who I follow on twitter, UCF grads hold mostly low level positions at NASA,) but I do know that the reason Neil Armstrong walked on the moon before Alexei Leonov was because America's Germans were better than the Soviet Union's Germans

There's your history lesson for the day.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Short Corey Stokes Draft Video

Well So Much For My Persuasion.. Pat Chambers is Hired By Penn State

Despite my attempts to persuade him otherwise, former Villanova assistant coach Patrick Chambers has decided to make the very understandable move of accepting the head coaching position at Penn State.
"Penn State Basketball begins a new era today," Curley stated, "and Patrick Chambers ushers in that era with proven success, an appreciation of and commitment to Penn State ideals, and the energy and enthusiasm required to compete at the highest level. His outstanding record of achievement in a relatively young coaching career is a direct testament to his knowledge of the game, his passion for his players and his relentless pursuit of success. We're confident that under Pat's leadership, the Nittany Lion Basketball program will rise to new heights in the years ahead."
"I am truly honored and excited to be joining the Penn State family," Chambers stated. "I'm looking forward to bringing passion, energy and enthusiasm to Nittany Lion Basketball. We will play a style, and bring an attitude, that Nittany Nation can be proud of."
Hopefully this is a move that pays off.. Best of luck.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Dear Pat Chambers, Wait For a Better Job Than Penn State

Stay Put

In many ways, Penn State has a model athletic program. They have great facilities, winning teams, and a passionate fan base that extends from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia. With their famed black shoes, nameless jerseys, plain white helmets, and legendary head coach, Penn State is one of the most iconic programs in the history of college football.

You don't have to be an idiot to realize that basketball is just little bit different than football in Happy Valley.  Aside from Northwestern, Penn State has the worst men's basketball program in the Big Ten.  The recent departure of former Nittany Lion head coach Ed DeChellis to Navy serves as the exclamation mark on the simple fact that being a basketball coach in State College

let's just use some facts to demonstrate why Penn State isn't a good job:
  • Billy Lange left an assistant job at Villanova to be the head coach at Navy.
  • Billy Lange realized that Jay Wright's top assistant coach at Villanova was a better job than the head job at Navy.
  • Ed DeChellis leaves his head job at Penn State for the same position at Navy.

What does the information above demonstrate? It's simple.. Pat Chambers would be making a poor choice if he decided to take the job at Penn State that he is rumored to be a candidate for.  I understand why Chambers would want to strike while the iron's hot, but as Al Golden proved in football this past offseason, good jobs get offered to good coaches in college sports and that you're better off building up your CV a little bit before you jump at the first seemingly attractive school that becomes available.

So my advice to Pat Chambers is simple: stay where you are, win some more at BU, and wait for a better opportunity than the one at Penn State.

Szczur Christ is Raking.. 4-6 Last Night, Yet Another Homer

It's official-- Matt Szczur is a deity.
  • 4-6 last night with a Home Run and a stolen base.
  • .370/386/674 with 3 home runs in his last ten games.
  • I still think he's better at football than he is at baseball, but hey.. money talks. 
  • Send this man to Daytona!
Because the summer sucks in terms of content, (and the number of page views,) Fact on Villanova Sports will be more like "Fact on Matt Szczur's Pro Career" with some other things (mostly football) sprinkled in there.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Upgrade Fodder: Louisville Athletic Director Tom Jurich Is a Friend of Villanova

 In an article today in the Louisville Courier-Journal, University of Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich is quoted saying some pretty nice things about Villanova in the context of Big East expansion.
“They're already in the footprint of our league, and they've got a history with this league and done a lot of great things,” Jurich said. “For them, a lot of it is going to be logistics. ... Villanova is a strong program right now. There's a strong argument that they could finish in the middle of our league right now, at 63 scholarships.”
 Huzzah! Suck it Pitt, Rutgers(NJ), and WVU