Friday, June 3, 2011

Dear Pat Chambers, Wait For a Better Job Than Penn State

Stay Put

In many ways, Penn State has a model athletic program. They have great facilities, winning teams, and a passionate fan base that extends from Pittsburgh to Philadelphia. With their famed black shoes, nameless jerseys, plain white helmets, and legendary head coach, Penn State is one of the most iconic programs in the history of college football.

You don't have to be an idiot to realize that basketball is just little bit different than football in Happy Valley.  Aside from Northwestern, Penn State has the worst men's basketball program in the Big Ten.  The recent departure of former Nittany Lion head coach Ed DeChellis to Navy serves as the exclamation mark on the simple fact that being a basketball coach in State College

let's just use some facts to demonstrate why Penn State isn't a good job:
  • Billy Lange left an assistant job at Villanova to be the head coach at Navy.
  • Billy Lange realized that Jay Wright's top assistant coach at Villanova was a better job than the head job at Navy.
  • Ed DeChellis leaves his head job at Penn State for the same position at Navy.

What does the information above demonstrate? It's simple.. Pat Chambers would be making a poor choice if he decided to take the job at Penn State that he is rumored to be a candidate for.  I understand why Chambers would want to strike while the iron's hot, but as Al Golden proved in football this past offseason, good jobs get offered to good coaches in college sports and that you're better off building up your CV a little bit before you jump at the first seemingly attractive school that becomes available.

So my advice to Pat Chambers is simple: stay where you are, win some more at BU, and wait for a better opportunity than the one at Penn State.

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