Monday, June 6, 2011

Did You Know That UCF is Responsible For The Moon Landing? I Didn't Either

Wernher Von Braun, UCF Graduate?

I guess I should be used to delusional UCF fans after seeing them raid the Villanova message boards and their comments on one of my posts, but I have been surprised yet again. I have no beef with UCF as a school, but their fanbase is so wrought with misinformation along with delusions of grandeur that I should be shocked by nothing but when I came across the comment shown below on a message board thread, my jaw literally dropped due to the sheer implausibility of the clame.
ncaaball, the reason the U.S. was first to the moon was because UCF engineers put them there. This University was created to supply the finest engineers for NASA out at Kennedy Space Center starting in 1963. Please, keep telling me a community college put Armstrong on the moon - if you keep saying it, then it may be true.
Editor's Disclaimer: I disagree wholeheartedly with the assertion that UCF is a "community college" because by all accounts, it is an up and coming public university.  

Disclaimer and niceties aside, anyone suggesting that UCF engineers put Armstrong on the moon is absolutely ludicrous. After a simple Google search, I found that the first graduating class at Florida Technical University (what is now known as University of Central Florida) was the class of 1970.  For this moronic fan's assertion to be plausible, it would have meant that even the earliest FTU student had a job at NASA in 1963, when a lot of them were only 13 years old.

I have no idea of the present makeup of NASA, (according to @ParadigmShift35, a rocket scientist at NASA who I follow on twitter, UCF grads hold mostly low level positions at NASA,) but I do know that the reason Neil Armstrong walked on the moon before Alexei Leonov was because America's Germans were better than the Soviet Union's Germans

There's your history lesson for the day.


  1. Florida Tech is still around actually, they're still one of the better engineering schools in the state. UCF and FIT are not even related, so Central Florida has absolutely no credit for the Moon Landing.

  2. UCF fans' claim that their engineers put the US on the moon first remind me of Al Gore's claim that he invented the internet.

  3. even al gore's claim has more voracity..

  4. I got your history lesson right here...

    It wasn't UCF that put us on the path to the Moon, it was Rutgers.

  5. that's about the same logic that algore used to claim he invented the internet.