Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kyle McMyne Scouting Reports

Kyle McMyne was looking like a big time prospect last summer, but he had a pretty shitty season to say the least with a 4.75 ERA and a ton of walks despite his abundance of strikeouts.  Here's a collection of quotes about him.

Perfect Game:
PROSPECT ON THE DECLINE: Kyle McMyne, rhp, Villanova University. With his mid-90s fastball and power slider, McMyne was being talk about as a possible first-rounder at various times last summer and fall. But he hasn’t consistently showcased his best stuff, or commanded his pitches this spring in a starting role.
Baseball America:

McMyne, who opened the season with a win against Norfolk State, came out firing against Duke, setting the Blue Devils down in order. 
The second inning was another story, however. McMyne gave up three hits, walked two guys and hit another, giving up six runs in the inning
His fastball sat in the 93-95 mph range and he touched 96 several times. He threw a 12-6 curveball in the 75-78 mph range, a slider between 82-84 mph and mixed in a couple changeups.
ESPN's Keith Law:
"McMyne was 92-94 when I saw him and two scouts saw him up to 96 a few days earlier - and hitters were swinging and missing at his low-80's slider. He was a starter this spring but I didn't see a third pitch in his relief outing on Tuesday." 
My Verdict:

While there are definitely some things to like about McMyne, if he cannot command his pitches in college, there is zero chance that he will remain a starter in the pros. Walk Rates progressively increase as you rise through the minors and his walk rate should be his most important statistic as he progresses through the minors.


  1. obviously this was written by someone that did not attend any villanova games,cape cod games,necbl games,world wood bat championship games nor did they see how his era was 4.75.being absent from the events can explain the ignorance shown here or possibly a lack of baseball knowledge. usually these type of comments come from those that never played and dont understand what their watching.good luck in the future and do some homework prior to writing garbage you also may check out the hitting records posted by this young man!

  2. umm you're not going to get it done if you're walking close to six batters per nine innings in college. i'm not saying that he's not a good pitcher, but there are some things that need to be fixed (command) before he can truly progress.