Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Music Tuesday: Cast Iron Filter

It's the offseason, and since there's not much to talk about, I'll give my readers a band/artist that I either think is underrated or one that my readers have likely never heard of on various tuesdays. Today's band is Cast Iron Filter, a progressive bluegrass band from Davidson, North Carolina. They only existed for six years, but in that time they released five full length albums.

  • Paradise in Palestine (August 1999)
  • Further Down the Line (September 2000)
  • This Ugly Town (October 2001)
  • Live From the Highway (October 2002)
  • Falls of Rough (August 2004)
Now to the music (after the jump

First up is Who Are We To Question Love?, a funny and extremely catchy song off their second album Further Down The Line that features forbidden love, a shady business partnership, and a hit man named Alejandro.

Next is Kamikaze Man, a song from the same album. This song is much more serious in tone than the song before it, but I think that it may be the best song on the whole album.

Cast Iron Filter's final album The Falls of Rough is a concept album about a small town in Kentucky's struggles during the depression. This album represented a departure for the band in several ways. The first thing that was different was the fact they only had two original members at this point, and secondly the music was a lot less acoustic. The first song from that album, Model T Ford represents the hope carried by youth, but the Falls get much more turbulent as the album progresses.

The penultimate song on Falls, Men Who Die Young is a war song that represents perhaps the single most dramatic example of the band's musical transformation.  This song could (with a few tweaks) easily fit on a Springsteen album, but the presence of the mandolin allows Cast Iron Filter to retain their identity.

When You Don't Come Around originally appeared on Cast Iron Filter's first album Paradise in Palestine, but they released an extended live version of it for their partially live album Live From The Highway

Louisville, Kentucky isn't a live song, but it's on a live album nonetheless.

Now to my personal favorite song- Take Me Home. This song was written for their debut album Paradise in Palestine back when they were still a trio, and still in college.

So yeah, check them out on iTunes or something.

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