Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Music Tuesday: Rush

I became a fan of Rush only recently, and completely by accident, but now they're one of my favorite bands. Some criticize Rush for being cheesy, or geeky, but their success and longevity is a big middle finger to their critics.

Geddy Lee- Bass, Vocals and Keyboards
Alex Lifeson- Guitar
Neil Peart- Drums and Lyrics

Music after the jump

First up is the band's signature song, Tom Sawyer off of 1981's Moving Pictures, which I think is one of the ten best albums of the 80's.  The combination of Lifeson's guitar and Peart's drums in this song are orgasmic.

Next is Limelight, a song about Neil Peart's struggles with fame. Limelight has my favorite of Alex Lifeson's guitar solos.

A Passage To Bangkok from 1977's 2112 is a very thinly veiled ode to smoking the reefer.

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