Thursday, June 23, 2011

On Needless Comparisons Between Players

If there's one thing I hate, it's analysts making useless comparisons between players that have little merit. These comparisons are generally lazy, and serve no real purpose. This past week, a college basketball reporter who I will not name, (because I don't mean to offend and because I don't follow him on twitter,) has made two absolutely ridiculous comparisons that to my semi-educated eye have absolutely zero merit.

Stupid comparison number one:
[Alec Burks of Colorado] Reminds me Kerry Kittles w-o the jumper
Kerry Kittles without a jump shot is not Kerry Kittles. Period. The jumper was so integral to Kittles' game that the comparison is based on little more than the fact that Alec Burks is a skinny black guy just like Kerry Kittles.

Stupid comparison number two:
Villanova's James Bell is a finalist for U-19 National Team - really reminds me of former Wildcats wing Dwayne Anderson. 
 James Bell and Dwayne Anderson have little in common except:
  1. They're both black.
  2. They both play/played for Villanova.
  3. They played sparingly their freshman years.
Other than those facts, their games are utterly dissimilar. Dwayne Anderson was physically developed, old for his class, and had a developed jump shot. James Bell is young for his class, a physical project, and with a still unpolished offensive game.

So my message to journalists is simple: stop making stupid comparisons that have little merit.

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