Friday, June 24, 2011

Operation Chaos Part Deux: Google Bomb Temple

Since Temple fans have been gloating today about their 50th overall draft pick, I've decided to declare war on them in the safest way possible, (i don't want to get mugged,) on the internet.

How about we try to make it so that the first result for "Pennsylvania government waste" is Temple's official athletics website.

The idea is simple. You flood the internet with links to the Temple website with the link text "Pennsylvania government waste". after it is linked to enough times, Google's algorithm will take over and make it so is one of the first results.

Here's the html code for it (replace the ( )with < >):
(a href="">pennsylvania government waste(/a) 

The first step is to repeat what i just showed you in the comment section, and then throughout the internet wherever you can.

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