Monday, June 20, 2011

Upgrade Fodder: Good News For Villanova Football?

Brett McMurphy of CBSSports has written several pieces on Big East expansion and in a new article where he reveals the Big East turned down a $1 Billion offer, he states that the conference will not go to 12 teams unless two of teams are Army and Navy.

Says McMurphy:

Even though the league's coaches favor expanding to 12 teams and adding a championship game, there are several reasons why the league might be better off with only 10 teams.
While college football industry sources told last month the league could approach Navy and Army as football-only members to get to 12 teams, if the service academies aren't interested, the league's best approach would be a 10-team league.
And, surprise, the No. 1 reason, is money.
"A championship football game is not the 'be all-end all,' " a college football industry source said. "I'm not sure what they would gain with one. It's a safe assumption to say they'll go to 10 teams. Ten creates more inventory [of games] that is productive and can be used. Twelve teams [without Navy and Army] bring diminishing returns.
Surprise surprise.. UCF and ECU aren't going to bring more revenue. This is something that I've been humping for months. Army and Navy would add something tangible that a few C-USA teams couldn't offer. This is promising news for Villanova because the conference would be able to get to ten football teams without adding a school with which to split additional revenue.

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