Thursday, June 30, 2011

Temple Football To The Big East? HAHAHAHA

It appears that the coaches of Pennsylvania Government Waste (Temple) are telling recruits that The Owls are moving to the Big East. Of course, Temple fans are abuzz about this on their forums, but there have been zero mentions of this in the mainstream media.
One of the recruits flat-out said that the Temple coaches have told him that the school is going to be playing in the Big East soon and another recruit's father, Tavon Young, offered this interesting nugget yesterday:
"Tavon has committed to Temple,” said Mr. Young. “First and foremost is the academics and they pass with flying colors. He has always loved the staff that came up from Florida. He likes the defensive scheme. It is close to home and he will be a part of the Big East in 2012."
When you consider the fact that the deadline for Temple joining the Big East for 2012 is today, this "story" smells of bullshit. The same blogger who came up with this also said last year that Temple was going to be joining the Conference USA, a move that did not and has not happened. Based on the proven track record of this particular blog being wrong, it is safe to say that this is:
    1. False.
    2. Dirty/unethical recruiting by Steve Addazio and staff if they are in fact telling kids this.
It will be interesting to see if this will blow up in the faces of the Temple staff if the kids realize that they are not in fact switching conferences.

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