Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Three Seconds, Can Sheila Reid Haz It?

Sheila Reid needs three seconds. Not ten, not fifteen, but three. Despite being Canadian National Champion, a double NCAA Champion, and one of the hottest runners in North America right now, she will not be able to go to the upcoming IAAF World Championships in Daegu, South Korea unless she makes up three seconds on her season's best time in the 1500m. Emily Infeld, from rival Georgetown who was left in Reid's wake on several occasions at big meets, has a "B" qualifying standard by virtue of being pulled along by faster runners in a race with a deeper field.  There is no question that Reid was a better runner this year than Infeld, (her results on the track prove that she was,) but she does not have a qualifying standard because she decided to run her races against the other runners as opposed to the clock.

Anyone who knows anything about track knows that no two distance races are the same; some are deliberately slow in order to set up a "kick" at the finish, and some have "rabbits" pushing the pace. The problem is that as an amateur, Reid hasn't had the opportunity to compete in many extremely fast fields with a rabbit intentionally setting a pace, (championship races are tactical, slow, and often boring,) but if she does not gain three seconds on her PB by August, she will not be able to compete in Daegu, even though she has so clearly earned it.

Her best time: 4:11.85
What she needs: 4:08.90

Somebody give this girl three seconds!

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