Friday, July 8, 2011

Matt Szczur Rides The Bus: Struggling Edition

After starting the 2011 baseball season with aplomb, former Villanova football and baseball god Matt Szczur has plummeted to earth. In the past ten games for the Peoria Chiefs of the Lo-A Midwest League, he has a .250 batting average, no home runs, and only two extra base hits (both doubles). Most concerning to me is that the has only walked twice in that span. Perhaps this demonstrates that he is bored, but it's more likely that he's in a slump and regressing after experiencing a great deal of luck earlier in the season.

Numbers through 65 games:
PA: 293
BA: .312
SLG: .431
OPS: .796
HR: 5
2B: 15
3B: 2
Hits: 84

If he's not playing exceptional defense, those are fifth outfielder/AAAA numbers. We'll see how he does when he levels out a bit, but we couldn't expect that surge of power that he was having to last forever.

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