Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A New Turn In The Temple/Big East "Story"

The coaching staff at Pennsylvania Government Waste (Temple) is now denying rumors that they're telling recruits that their program is ticketed to the Big East in football. An article by Mike Kern in the Philadelphia Daily News digs a little deeper.
Addazio is not allowed to comment on recruiting until players officially sign their national letters of intent in February. However, several sources close to the situation adamently denied that Addazio or any members of his staff had either told or implied that to any recruits.
Hmm.. If they're not getting this information from Steve Addazio or any member of his staff, then where are they getting it from? This particular rumor was never really picked up by the media so it would appear that someone is fabricating this information, and Temple's coaching staff was caught with their pants down in the chicken coup.

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