Saturday, July 16, 2011

Other Failed Proposals From Rick Pitino

"This is what we should do"
In light of Rick Pitino's ridiculous proposal for Big East reorganization, we here at Fact on Villanova Sports felt it was necessary to shed light on some of the other rejected proposals that Mr. Pitino has made over the years.
  1. Changing the 35 second clock to the 15 second clock- I have no idea why Mr. Pitino would suggest such a thing unless 15 seconds has some sort of special meaning for him.
  2. Have Larry Bird, Robert Parrish or Kevin McHale at every Big East Game- This was suggested because having any of those three men "walking through that door" immediately absolves a coach from responsibility.
  3. Including a reference to a Kennedy at every press conference-This was something to take attention off of a coaches personal indiscretions. This wasn't a terrible idea, but most coaches weren't willing to use a man with a history of questionable decisions to cover up their own.
  4. White suits for everyone! This one failed because Bob Huggins was afraid of what his perspiration would do, and he didn't want to take off the tracksuit that is welded to his body. 
After these proposals from the man, I don't think he should be involved in the free exchange among the Providence Big East decision makers.

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