Sunday, July 3, 2011

Radnor's Vicious Double Standard

It has come to my attention that there was parking available for this weekend's AT&T National golf tournament at Aronomink Golf Club on the Villanova campus. Aronomink itself is not in located in Radnor Township, but the influx of traffic that a golf tournament suggests that Radnor Township's bias against Villanova is something that is tangible, and not imaginary.

Let's go over the various reasons we hear Radnor gives for its opposition to Villanova building up the stadium.
  1. Traffic- Well, they pretty much shot this one out of the sky when they allowed parking for a major golf tournament in the township.
  2. Size/Height of a Stadium- If you've ever been to Wayne, you'd notice an eyesore of a telephone tower right down the street from downtown located right on Rt. 30.
  3. Crowd Noise- When you have an interstate highway and a highly trafficked railroad running through your township every day of the year and you worry about the crowd noise on six saturdays a year, you deserve to lose all credibility.
I guess when you don't have the money of a major golf tournament, Radnor doesn't care much.

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