Friday, July 22, 2011

This Is The Kind of Player Villanova Needs

Last month, Villanova picked up a commitment from offensive lineman Nico D'Angelo from Holy Spirit HS in South Jersey. In a recent article written by Keith Pompey from the Philadelphia Inquirer, D'Angelo explained his motivations for committing to Villanova, and that a move to the Big East doesn't matter as much to him as the quality of education etc.

He starts out saying:
"Big-time football, all the bells and whistles, are not really important to me. What I want is a good education and good football."
So there's a good answer, and it sounds like the coaches won't have to worry about losing him. He also explains his familial connection to the school:
"My dad [Franco] went to 'Nova," said D'Angelo, who attended his first Wildcats game in the sixth grade. "My mom [Renee] went there. So it just felt right."
Villanova needs to monopolize these types of players. If a kid is local, and he has a connection to the school, they cannot afford to lose them, period. He also sounds like a good kid with a solid head on his shoulders, which is a good thing.

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