Friday, July 1, 2011

Unbreakable Villanova Records Part One: Track

 Larry James at the Penn Relays
Earlier, I did a piece on whether or not Kerry Kittles' career scoring record is unbreakable, and I decided to look through the Villanova record books in various other men's sports (track, basketball, and football) to name other unbreakable records. Up first is track, the sport in which Villanova is historically the greatest. Some of these records could theoretically be broken, but there are several that I can guarantee will not be broken in my lifetime.  I'll divide them into two categories- "probably unbreakable" which means that it's in the realm of the possible but still unlikely to be broken, and "unbreakable", meaning they won't be broken without drugs.

Probably Unbreakable-
Event                  Mark        Athlete                   Date
100m                  9.9(ht)       Salaam Gariba     4/6/1991
200m                  20.4          Paul Drayton        9/13/1964
800m                  1:43.92     John Marshall       6/24/1984
3000m steeple    8:18.57     Amos Korir          6/6/1984
110m hurdles     13.38         Erv Hall               10/17/1968
400m hurdles     48.80         Kareem Archer    5/25/1997
5000m               13:20.7     Sydney Maree      6/2/1979
10,000m            28:21.5     Sydney Maree     4/11/1980
Event                  Mark        Athlete                     Date
400m                 43.97        Larry James            10/18/1968
1500m               3:32.20     Sydney Maree         9/12/1981
Mile                   3:48.83     Sydney Maree         9/9/1981
4x400m             3:02.95     Grant Davis              6/7/1986
                                          Tony Valentine
                                          Edwin Modibedi
                                          Charles Jenkins, Jr.

Of all the records in Villanova history, the safest in my opinion is Larry James' 43.97 second time set in his silver medal run at the Mexico City Olympics in 1968, a time that still has him as one of the ten fastest 400m runners of all time. Other than that, Sydney Maree is the king of the unbreakable records, with basically every single Villanova school record at the middle distances.

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