Friday, August 19, 2011

8/19 Villanova Football Practice Observations

Today I made the trek to Villanova football practice for the first time this season and tried my hardest to pay attention to the action. Below are some of my observations from the practice.
  • Injuries: Three of the top four receivers weren't practicing today. Norman White, Joe Price, and Dorian Wells were all sitting out. White was in a walking boot. Fullback Ransford Quarrie pulled up lame on one play and spent a little while on the training table with a lower leg (ankle?) injury, but after being taped up, he resumed practice. 
  • The first team defense appeared to be Rakim Cox, Antoine Lewis, Marlon Johnson, Jeremy Rodriguez, Dillon Lucas, James Pitts, Shane Harris, Ronnie Akins, Eric Loper and Craig James.
  • The offensive line was a complete clusterfuck. Hopefully this defensive line is outstanding, because the pass protection for the most part was abysmal.
  • Former starting kicker Nick Yako looked awfully sulky on the sidelines.
  • New defensive line coach Dave Sollazzo sounds like Tom Waits after smoking 100 cigarettes and having his vocal cords massaged with a cheese grater.
  • There is lots of concern about the linebackers apparently. After watching practice today, I think they'll be fine. There might be some teething problems, but everything looked good. I was especially impressed with senior Jeremy Rodriguez as he seemed to be extremely athletic and instinctive.
  • I noticed two true freshmen: Kyle Wallace and Vince Kowalski getting significant reps at guard. With one freshman possibly starting on the offensive line, and Dillon Lucas possiblystarting at mike linebacker, it's very possible that two true freshmen could start against Pennsylvania Government Waste (Temple) on opening day.
  • If I were to rank the quarterbacks on how much they impressed me from highest to lowest, the order would be 1. Dustin Thomas 2. John Robertson 3. Chris Polony 4. Christian Culicerto. I just felt like Thomas threw the nicest ball. It had the best velocity, and was the tightest spiral. Didn't see many deep throws today, so I can't really comment much on touch.
  • Six foot six inch wide receiver Clay Horne looks like he could end up a good player. He looked surprisingly fleet of foot for his height.
  • No trace of the wildcat at practice. Looks like that died when Matt Szczur left.
It was fun to go out to practice and watch some actual football after eight long months without it. Check the practice schedule, and try to make your way out to one before fall practice comes to a close.

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