Tuesday, August 23, 2011

8/23 Villanova Football Practice Observations

This afternoon, I made another trip out to Villanova football practice. This was the final day of camp and the players were just wearing shoulder pads and helmets instead of full pads. Today was a better day, especially for the offensive line, but there were still some concerns.
  • Injury Report: Norman White still had a boot on and did not practice.. this could be a big problem. Also sidelined was Linebacker Tyrone Armstrong. Center Dan Shirey wasn't participating in contact drills. Austin Medley, Mikey Reynolds and Joe Price all spent time riding a bike on the sideline.
  • It seems like Jamal Abdur-Rahman is the starting kick returners. Ronnie Akins and Kevin Monangnai also took turns returning kicks.
  • Lawrence Doss has really strong looking legs.
  • Even though he's listed as a linebacker, true freshman Reggie Paris was working with the defensive linemen in practice.
  • Chris Polony has somewhat of a long windup. On the flipside, John Robertson gets rid of the ball very quickly, throws tight spirals and gets a surprising amount of zip on the ball.
  • The tight ends were having trouble catching the ball early on in the practices. It got better as the day went on.
  • Wide Receiver Corey Reeder beat tight coverage to make a great sideline grab on a dime from Dustin Thomas.
  • Josh Bucci was playing right guard today, and true freshman Vince Kowalski was playing right tackle. I don't really know what that's about.
  • Defensive Line coach Dave Sollazzo is incredibly intense. He's by far the most audible coach on the field. Andy Talley on the other hand is a quiet observer.
  • If I had to guess, Thomas and Robertson are the top two quarterbacks right now.
  • Clay Horne is my new favorite player to watch in practice. During live drills, he made a ridiculous one handed grab on a bullet from Dustin Thomas. He may have dropped the very next throw to him, but he still made the play of the practice in my opinion.
  • The offensive line today: Vogel, Wallace, Hall, Bucci, Kowalski.
That's it for today, and today was it for camp. There is very little time left until the Pennsylvania Government Waste (Temple) game.

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