Monday, August 1, 2011

Andy Talley Nails It With Regards To 2011 Expectations

I was looking through quotes by Andy Talley from CAA media day, and one quote regarding the relatively low expectations for Villanova in 2011 really stood out.
We lost as good a class as we have ever had. There were similar questions about our team back when Brian Westbrook graduated and we made the semifinals the year after. Brian was only one player, though, and with last year's class there were so many outstanding players. The big thing with the players that graduated is that they all did the majority of the playing for the past three, four years. We have a lot of talented players on our team but they don't have a lot of experience.
There are some significant differences between the 2011 team and the 2002 team, most notably this team's absence of a rising senior quarterback with two years of starting experience already under his belt, but he does raise a very salient point. There is so much turnover on this year's Villanova roster that no one will really know what to expect from them until they take the field against Pennsylvania Government Waste (Temple) at the beginning of next month. Personally, I am cautiously optimistic because there are some very good players returning at some key positions, but like everyone, I truly have no clue how everything will truly turn out, and I'll have to wait and see whether my optimism is warranted.

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