Thursday, August 18, 2011

Isaiah Armwood Is Transferring.. For Real This Time

I logged onto my blog today and noticed that I was getting wayy more hits than normal, I wondered why, only to realize that Isaiah Armwood is transferring, and most of the hits were to my April Fools post.

Isaiah Armwood on his decision to transfer:
"I love Villanova - the school and the team - but I want to find a program that fits my style of play better."
Jay Wright:
"Isaiah is a great young man. His hard work and commitment to the values of our program made him a leader of our team. We'll miss him but the most important thing is his happiness and we support him in his quest to find a new home."
I'm extremely indifferent about this. I thought Zeke did some good things, but I always felt like he was an offensive liability. Over on, there's a post opining that his departure is an upgrade, but I'm not too sure about that. In the very best scenario, this has little or no effect on the team, but if injuries were to happen, this could be a very bad thing, since it opens up an additional lane for Maurice Sutton to gain playing time. It's time to pray for no injuries in the front

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