Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It Turns Out Pitt Is The Leader Of The "No Villanova Club"

In what has felt all along like a case of a few nine-year-old boys keeping a potential playmate from the tree house, Pittsburgh has been the leader of a group that is obstructing a potential Big East spot for Villanova in football. For a while, I had believed that West Virginia and their athletic director Oliver Luck were the primary culprits due to his willingness to speak to the media about the situation, but everything from VUHoops.com's reporting back in March, to the news today points the finger squarely at Pitt for prolonging this charade.
The group, led by Pitt, made sure this idea was dead on arrival because this would add nothing to the conference other than add another mouth to feed from the same size money pot.
If Pitt (or another school for that matter) has an issue with VU's plan, I have no problem with that in and of itself even if I think the concern is without basis. What I do have an issue with is the fact that this process has been drawn out for four months longer than it should have been. The conference, commissioner John Marinatto, and the schools in it have had ample time to make a well informed decision, and at this point it's only fair to Villanova fans to make a final decision one way or another. The characterization of Villanova as a "leech" or "another mouth to feed" vastly undersells its ability to contribute to the conference, and vastly overstates the prestige of the conference in its current state.

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