Monday, August 15, 2011

Matt Szczur Rides The Bus: Needz Moar Walkz Edition

The last time I checked in with an update on former Villanova football and baseball star Matt Szczur, I was underwhelmed by his lack of production since his promotion to Daytona. Ten games later, my feelings are much of the same. The walks are not nearly plentiful enough (4.2%), he's striking out a bit too much (12.6%) to justify showing as little power as he has, and the pitching will only get better as he climbs through the minor league ladder, so without adjustments, he'll more than likely strike out more and walk less. In the last ten games, Szczur hit .190/.227/.238, which drops his overall Florida State League line to .237/.269/377.

Right now, I'm somewhat bearish on a rapid advancement for Szczur, and It's worth noting that there are dozens of players drafted in the first round of the MLB draft that never made it to the show. I'm not making any predictions or trying to be a downer, but sometimes expectations need to be managed. The good news about all of this is that he still has three or four years to develop before he is forced into any sort of numbers game.

Daytona Stats:
119 PA
.237 BA
.269 OBP
.377 SLG
2 HR
10 RBI
6 SB
.305 wOBA

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