Tuesday, August 2, 2011

A Modest Trade-Off

Len Robbins of the New York Post reported today that Seton Hall, Marquette, and possibly a couple other non-football schools could possibly be casualties of a new Big East TV deal. In my opinion, neither of those moves would be terrible moves, and even though I enjoy playing against Marquette in basketball, getting there (and to DePaul for that matter) is just way too far to travel when weighed against their overall value to the conference. As far as I'm concerned, those schools could go away, with the negative consequences being fewer seats at the boardroom table for schools like Villanova, St. John's, Providence (I really could live without Providence, but the Big East would split before Providence is kicked out due to their strange clout in the conference offices,) and Georgetown.

I have a modest proposal that would allow the catholic schools to be represented at the conference table, while purging the conference of some undesirables. The proposal is to allow Villanova into the fold as a football member, and allow the conference to purge a couple schools. The only other option if the conference drop a few schools would be a split, which could spell disastrous to the future of the Big East, because basketball is just as much of a moneymaker for the conference as football is, and Villanova and Georgetown are two of the conference's most valuable basketball commodities.

The Big East would be best served if they can keep some of the catholic schools, and the best way to guarantee that is to accept Villanova's bid to play Big East football, period.

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