Thursday, August 11, 2011

Music Thursday: Awesome Guitar Solo Edition

I know I usually do this on tuesday, but I was busy when I would usually write it, so I was unable to publish it on time so bear with me.

If I were to write this three years ago, it would probably be all Van Halen and Guns N' Roses, but luckily for you the reader, my musical palate has become more refined. Now the chances are that you have probably heard all five of these songs, and if you haven't heard all of them, then I have served some sort of purpose. Below will be the songs in chronological order beginning with the earliest, in no particular order otherwise. This is by no means my favorite five guitar solos, but it's five of my favorite top 50.

First is Foreplay/Long Time, a song off of Boston's self titled debut album. Boston was founded by guitarist Tom Scholz, an engineer with a degree from MIT who manufactured his own sound equipment, which explains why this song sounds so clean despite being 35 years old, and why the band had a reputation as a very underwhelming (to say it kindly) live band.

Flash forward to 1978.. The rock world was roundhouse kicked in the face by a band that featured the most ostentatious (straight) front man of all time, and one of the most revolutionary guitarists of all time. Ain't Talkin' Bout Love is early Van Halen, but it kicks you in the ass from the opening riff.

It's 1980, and Ozzy Osbourne has just been kicked out of Black Sabbath, so what does he do? He decides to start a new band with a young American guitarist named Randy Rhoads and they produced Crazy Train, the song I listened to during warm ups for high school basketball. Unfortunately Rhoads died in 1982, after only two albums with Ozzy.

Metallica is a band that was desperately needed. They helped bring heavy metal back to its roots after it had become pussified by glam rock bands. Fade to Black from their 1984 album Ride the Lightning starts off like a ballad, but progresses into something much harder towards the middle of the song when lead guitarist Kirk Hammett's solo takes over. 

The final song is Estranged from the album Use Your Illusion II by Guns N' Roses. The longest song of the bunch, but perhaps the most musically complex as it has no real refrain. Axl Rose took some flak for this song (and the music video), but it's perhaps Slash's greatest piece of guitar work in his entire career.

That's all for tonight, the football season countdown continues tomorrow at 19.

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