Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Villanova Football Season Countdown: 15 is For Frank Jankowski

Quarterback: 2003-2005

A highly touted recruit, Frank Jankowski was expected to do big things at Villanova. Unfortunately for him, he had Marvin Burroughs directly in front of him in line for the starting quarterback job. If you read A Season In Purgatory, you will find that Jankowski's relationship with the coaching staff was contentious, as he felt that he wasn't given the opportunity to compete with Burroughs like he felt he was promised. In the 2005 season, when Burroughs got hurt in the opening game, Jankowski stepped into the starting role and performed admirably given his lack of first team reps for him beforehand. Unfortunately, the 2005 team was collectively terrible and Jankowski feuded with the coaches, and he left the football team after that season.

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