Monday, August 15, 2011

Villanova Football Season Countdown: 16 is For Joe Casamento

Quarterback: 2001-2004

One usually does not have a career as long as Andy Talley has if they make a lot of mistakes, and for the most part, Andy Talley's tenure at Villanova has been largely without glaring mistakes. The rush to promote Marvin Burroughs to the starting quarterback job in 2004 when he already had Joe Casamento, perfectly capable in his own right may just qualify as one of them. Casamento had proved that he was more than capable in 2003, setting a school record by completing 68.2% of his passes. The fact is that he always had Burroughs breathing down his neck from the moment he took his first snap as Villanova's starter.

An extra year of Joe Casamento starting may have stabilized the program, and prevented it from going into the tail spin it did for two and a half seasons, but we'll never know what the effects of such a decision would have been, and the program has obviously recovered since then.

Career Stats:
325 Passing Attempts
216 Completions
2,121 Passing Yards
14 Touchdowns
12 Interceptions

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