Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Villanova Football Season Countdown: 2 is For Murle Sango

Wide Receiver- 1997-2001

I could have taken the easy route and chosen a Villanova player who played more recently like Darrel Young, or Fred Maldonado, but I decided to pick Murle Sango, a diminutive wide receiver from El Toro, California who is the best player on this list that nobody seems to mention (he also has one of the great names in Villanova history).  There is a simple explation for his lack of historical recognition:  he was in the same recruiting class as Brian Westbrook.

Sango's 98 receptions in 1999 (the year that Brian Westbrook blew out his knee) are a Villanova single season record, and his 236 career receptions are second in school history to Brian Finneran.

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