Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Villanova Football Season Countdown: 7 is For Dustin Thomas

Quarterback- 2010-Present

Much of the book on Dustin Thomas has yet to have been written.  The only certainty about him is that he has big shoes to fill.  I profiled Thomas back in March and I noted his obvious gifts and the fact that he has a huge leg up on the competition heading into fall practice.  When I went to a practice last summer, I thought that he looked quite athletic and threw a very nice ball, a sentiment that I was able to back up in my two trips to practice this season.

By all accounts, Thomas is faster and more elusive than Chris Whitney, and has a stronger arm so if he has the ball security and intangibles of Whitney, then he can be every bit the weapon. Thomas is in a unique position as he has an unimpeded opportunity to hold the starting spot at Villanova for a full four years, making him a prime candidate to break some records provided that he stays healthy. 

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