Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Matt Szczur Rides The Bus: End of Regular Season Edition

After a very nice start in Lo-A Peoria, former Villanova basketball and football star Matt Szczur showed that he still had a ways to go in his quest to get to the Majors with the struggles he had once he was promoted to Advanced-A. Among other things, Szczur generated a Francoeurian five walks in 182 plate appearances once he was promoted, along with getting extra base hits at a similar clip that he was in Peoria.

Daytona stats:
182 PA
.260 BA

.283 OBP
.410 SLG
5 HR
7 2B
2 3B
5 BB
20 K
7 SB
0 CS

There are some nice things there, like the 10 total Home Runs in the season, and the very nice stolen base success, but without an uptick in walks or extra base hits Szczur is going to be nearly totally dependent on luck as he continues his career. I trust that he'll make adjustments, but as of right now, he's not even close to the major leagues.

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