Sunday, September 18, 2011

Villanova-Monmouth Postmortem

 Dorian Wells Yesterday

Some postmortem thoughts now that I've had time to digest this shitty, shitty loss:
  1. The officials seemed like they had absolutely no clue what they were doing the entire game. They misinterpreted the rules on several occasions that went in both teams favor. Perhaps the worst example was taking away a touchdown from Austin Medley when it was apparent that he had scored a touchdown. The lack of replay in the lower levels of college football allows for very incompetent officiating.
  2. James Pitts was injured at some point during the game. If Pitts' injury is serious, I would rather see him sit out the rest of the season and apply for a medical redshirt (he didn't redshirt his freshman year) than try to come back for this lost cause of a season.
  3. It's pretty apparent that Dustin Thomas wasn't this team's biggest problem in the first two games of the season. If anything, Thomas was the reason that this team can move the ball. With that being said, Christian Culicerto more than held his own despite taking a beating.
  4. The coaching staff should have never let Chris Polony start this game. I have never seen someone more unprepared to start a game. It took me half of a practice this summer to realize that Polony was probably the fourth best quarterback getting reps.
  5. If I ever see Nick Yako attempt a field goal again, I may go postal.
  6. Strangely enough, I'm somewhat bullish on this team's future (after this season) because the injuries have been crippling and the freshman (especially Dillon Lucas, the running backs and Joe Sarnese) have been quite good.
I'll address the end of Villanova athletics as we know it/whether I think Villanova has a chance to get invited by the ACC later in the week.

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