Thursday, September 15, 2011

Villanova-Monmouth Preview

After two road losses in which Villanova has combined for 17 total points, they will take on Monmouth (NJ) \on saturday at Villanova Stadium. In any other season, this match up that would have been a gimme. The problem is that it is not a gimme this season, and Villanova has more injuries than a veteran's hospital. Luckily for Villanova, Monmouth was thoroughly trounced by Lehigh in their opener two weeks ago, losing 49-24 but that's not a large enough sample size from which you can draw conclusions. St. Augustine, pray for us.

Here's what you should be on the lookout for this week:
  1. Starting Quarterback: After seeing no playing time as Dustin Thomas' backup in the first two games, true freshman Chris Polony will start against Monmouth. In a brief writeup on Polony, I didn't give him a very glowing endorsement. Seeing what Polony can do under pressure will give Villanova fans a glimpse of what the future could look like.
  2. Health: After starting quarterback Dustin Thomas and wide receiver Joe Price were injured last week against Towson, it appears that another name has been removed from the depth chart: senior wide receiver Mikey Reynolds. I don't know the reason why Reynolds isn't on the depth chart, but the injuries are beginning to become comical. Another significant injury would kill this team if it isn't dead already.
  3. Defense: The Villanova defense has been abysmal this season, especially on third downs. They have been equally terrible against both the run and the pass and their opponents have averaged 36.5 points against them.
  4. Special Teams: No more Nick Yako please. It's nothing personal as I was in his corner for quite a long time.
The game is on Saturday at 3:30 and you can listen to it on 950 AM ESPN Radio in the Philadelphia area.

Updated: Mikey Reynolds is suspended for this week's game.. SMH.

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