Monday, September 19, 2011

Villanova's Realignment Statement (A Day Late As Usual)

So Villanova's fantastic media relations department has finally released a statement in regards to the realignment that threatens to destroy the athletic program from the top down.
Villanova University will never waver from its pursuit of excellence. Part of that pursuit is a firm commitment to furthering its current position as a premier athletic program. As a long-standing member of the Big East, we are fully aware of the impact the recent announcements have had on the ever-changing landscape of intercollegiate athletics. We remain determined to ensure Villanova's position of national prominence and are strongly committed to the success of the Big East. Ultimately, our focus must be on our student-athletes and assuring they can flourish and reach their potential both in competition and in the classroom. The University will continue to move forward aggressively and strategically at both the conference and national levels, and we are confident that no matter how the conferences align, Villanova's history of both academic and athletic success will continue for years to come.
Unless someone big (Notre Dame and Big XII leftovers) decide to join the Big East, this is a losing cause. I can't help but compare this to someone refusing to leave The Titanic after it hit the iceberg out of sheer stubbornness and the assurance that the ship was "unsinkable".

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