Monday, September 5, 2011

Week One CAA Scores

It turns out that Villanova wasn't the only CAA team that had a tough time stepping up against a team that had 22 more scholarships. In all, only one CAA team was able to beat an FBS team when Richmond squeaked out a tight win over Duke. At the same time, every team in the conference that was supposed to win, did win.

Thursday Scores:
Temple 42 Villanova 7
Toledo 58 UNH 22
UMass 24 Holy Cross 16

UNC 42 JMU 10
Navy 40 Delaware 17
Maine 28 Bryant 13
Virginia 40 William & Mary 3
ODU 41 Campbell 14
Towson 42 Morgan St. 3
Richmond 23 Duke 21

So with the exception of an upset against a historically futile FBS team, the CAA teams got smoked when they stepped up. Towson was able to explode for 42 points against Morgan State, something that should give Villanova fans a reason to respect The Tigers.  I think if anything, this week's results show that the gap is widening between teams with 85 scholarships and teams with 63 as only two FCS teams prevailed over FBS opponents.

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