Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Best Scenario For The Big East: WVU Staying

If one team in the Big East winds up getting poached by the Big XII, it will be better if the team leaving winds up being Louisville. Yes, Louisville is better than West Virginia in basketball, but West Virginia has command of virtually an entire state, they're consistently a lot better in football, and they have an entire state behind them.

When the Big Ten picked Nebraska over Missouri when they were expanding, they proved that a marketable national power in football with the eyeballs of an entire state is more important than a program that is consistently above average, but usually no better. I know that Louisville has won a BCS Bowl game within the past five years, but WVU won a BCS game against Sam Bradford and Oklahoma with Bill Stewart coaching them.. Not an easy task. Louisville beat Wake Forest, and they haven't been any good since then.

From a basketball perspective, both coaches are slime balls, but I'm pretty sure Bob Huggins doesn't have "15 seconds" closely associated with his reputation, unlike Rick Pitino. The recent outspokenness of Pitino with regards to realignment hasn't done him any favors with me.

Not that it will matter if it both teams end up leaving

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