Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dear Butthurt Temple Fans:

Dear Butthurt Temple Fans,

I understand your neanderthal rage against Villanova. It's extremely difficult to cope with a superior institution flexing their muscles and hindering your school's athletic ambitions. It is not Villanova's fault that Temple dramatically underperformed on the football field and were asked to leave the Big East less than a decade ago. That was all on Temple. Villanova has a duty to protect their brand from being impinged by a school with a 43 percent graduation for basketball players. Villanova recruits student-athletes, Temple recruits athletes with the hopes of turning them into students. Temple's best football player, Heisman Trophy Candidate Bernard Pierce was plucked directly from a reform school, a gamble Villanova would be unable to justify given their stringent moral and academic standards.

If Villanova were to lie down and allow Temple to immediately enter the Big East, they would find themselves facing a team full of talented Junior College transfers and players who were thrown out of ACC schools. Once you figure that out, it's understandable why Villanova has reservations about Temple. So stop being butthurt and go back to flipping burgers.



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