Monday, October 31, 2011

Don't Mind Ed Rendell, He's Just Trying To Stay Relevant

Ed Rendell, I appreciate your service to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, but your time is up and it would be nice if you retired to your Eagles postgame show and big breasted blondes.

There is no need for you to start throwing firebombs at the school where you got your law degree (5:30 into the clip,) it achieves nothing, and I question your motives for doing so. I hear that university presidencies very often go to former politicians, and what better president is there for a school that is uniquely Philadelphian than a man who is uniquely Philadelphian (well a man who was born in New York but is uniquely Philadelphian).

Please make your motives clear and understand that Villanova has an obligation to protect its own interests, and that Temple has had a chance with the Big East and failed.

Let's make another thing clear: John Chaney and Temple were just as responsible or more responsible for ending the Big Five as Villanova was.

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