Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Most Pathetic Website Ever?

It appears that a few (one?) disgruntled Pennsylvania Government Waste (Temple) fans have decided to start a website to lobby for their inclusion in a BCS conference despite their lack of an invitation.

What's the problem with the website? When you look at the site's blog and its twitter account, it seems to have one purpose above any other: vilifying Villanova for "blocking" Temple. What Temple fans do not realize is that they have absolutely no right to be in a BCS conference, especially after they were thrown out of the Big East in 2004.

Temple has never demonstrated that they can have long term success in football, and all of their talk of basketball "tradition" falls flat due to their pathetic fan support and one NCAA Tournament win in the past decade.

In summation, I have a brief statement to make to butthurt Temple fans:

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