Monday, October 17, 2011

Villanova Offers (Insert Name of Unproven 17 Year Old Kid)

Earlier today, I got into a discussion with a friend about how former University of Miami quarterback Kyle Wright wasn't as bad as history will reflect. That same friend said that Wright didn't meet expectations and somehow deserved to be looked at critically. Expectations are the problem because we will be disappointed more often than not if we heap expectations on teenagers.

With recruiting services these days, no collegiate athlete is looked at in hindsight as a good player or great player, but rather whether or not they met expectations. In a rare occasion, you have an athlete like Jimmer Fredette who dramatically overachieves from their level of recruitment, but stories of players who are rated highly by a recruiting publication who doesn't grow up to be the next Michael Jordan and is labeled a "failure" or a "disappointment" by entire fanbases.

If we stop relying on recruiting publications for our expectations, we can judge players by what they achieved rather than what they failed to achieve. This is a dialogue that fans of college sports must have, because when you talk recruiting, you're ultimately talking about a 17 year old kid who isn't fully developed.

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