Sunday, October 9, 2011

Villanova-UNH Postmortem

Well, another week results in another (predictable) loss. With five losses in six games, Villanova is off to one of their start in recent memory. They're too banged up, too offensively challenged and do not have nearly enough defense to win every game. Hopefully next season will be much better because this season is essentially an audition for then.
  • First off, there is no excuse for losing a game by 30 points.
  • Three turnovers- Too many.
  • Losing to UNH by itself doesn't bother me very much because Villanova has never really played very well there, but the manner in which they did it should bother everyone. Getting blown out is almost never a  good thing because it's very hard to find a silver lining.
  • Chris Polony played okay, but I would really like Dustin Thomas to stay healthy for the rest of the season because he does a good job of avoiding being sacked every third play.
  • The offensive line is simply putrid. If a line provides neither push nor protection, it isn't doing its job. I was in favor of allowing Chidozie Ekweozor to walk at one point, but now I realize that he must come back for next season.
  • Something must be done about the defense, whether it's schematic or based on personnel. There's a reason that so few teams run the 3-3-5 base. The strength of this team is its defensive linemen, why are there only three of them on the field at a given time? Think about it.
  • Please come back Matt Szczur.
  • Four wins for this team would be a huge accomplishment. Fans just need to search for things that bode well for the future.
  • Still folks, go to games. The team could still use support.
Time to watch some football,have a good week folks

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