Saturday, October 1, 2011

Villanova-William & Mary Postmortem

As you probably already know, Villanova lost their fourth game out of five to start the season. The season is essentially lost at this point and there's nothing left to do but hope that the players develop.

  • There was a key non-call on the goal line that may have changed the outcome of the game if it went in Villanova's favor. William & Mary running back Jonathan Grimes appeared to have fumbled it at the goal line but he was ruled down. Since Villanova only lost by four points, that was a key play in the game.
  • Once again, Villanova was unable to score in the red zone. That's three red zone touchdowns in five games. If Mark Hamilton wasn't lights out at field goals, it would have been pretty pitiful.
  • When Villanova's defense isn't getting pressure, it's like watching a 7 on 7 drill. 
  • The main difference between this year's offensive line and last year's is the utter inability of this year's line to get a push in a short yardage situation. I guess Ben Ijalana and Brant Clouser really were that good.
  • Matt Szczur, please grow a beard and come back.
  • Those were some killer boots that Sheila Reid was wearing at halftime.
  • The basketball team had better be good this season or else I may shoot myself.
  • At least we have pro football this season!
I'll see you guys later this week folks.

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