Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Deja Vu

Since the magical Final Four run during the 2009 season, it seems that every Villanova team has been exactly the same. There is no offensive organization, no defense of which to speak, and no scoring when the team has a small amount of time to do so. The offense seems to have one objective: find an open three pointer and shoot it. Such an offense is unacceptable when the best shooter on the team is streaky at best.

How do you go about changing this? Well, it should be a matter of developing a half court offense, but Jay Wright has demonstrated that his teams struggle to do so when they don't have prolific three point shooters. It seems that the only options are the burn, or the "catch and shoot" offense. Neither of those options work unless the players are exceptional, and the team also happens to play fantastic defense. Villanova does not have exceptional players at this point, and they definitely do not play fantastic defense.

My suggestions:
  1. Get boring- This team has a few very pronounced strengths, and perhaps the greatest of all of them is the ability of nearly all of the players on the floor to handle the ball, and make passes. That is the textbook of a motion offense, something that Jay Wright unquestionably knows a lot about given his tutelage under Rollie Massimino. The only problem is that the four out, one in motion seems to not fit the blueprint of this team, so some adjustment might be necessary.
  2. Find a rotation- Nothing about this team frustrates me more than the volume of substitutions that affect the rhythm of the game. This team would be much better off if they found a rotation of seven or eight players and stuck with it.
  3. Mouph- Get the ball to Mouphtaou Yarou please.
  4. Stop shooting threes, Maalik- Please, just stop. You hurt me.

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