Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Delaware transfer quarterbacks through the years: Sonny Riccio

Quarterback at Delaware from 2004-2005
Originally Attended Missouri

The success that was had at Delaware under Andy Hall, which included a national championship was bound to create a situation where his successor would have extremely high expectations from the start, but that didn't prepare Sonny Riccio (who is a legend to some) for the vitriol he would unfairly receive from Delaware fans, which included a Facebook group dedicated to their disdain toward him titled "Sonny Riccio Sucks".

Although he was from Western Pennsylvania, Riccio went with Gary Pinkel's staff to Missouri when Pinkel, who had originally recruited him to go to Toledo became the new head coach for the Tigers. Once he was in Columbia, playing time behind future NFL stud Brad Smith was few and far between, and he really only held kicks and saw mop up duty. Naturally, a  kid wants to play, and that's where K.C. Keeler came into the picture.

Riccio's two seasons at Delaware were largely unspectacular, but he was nowhere near as bad as Delaware fans said he was, and he had two more wins against Villanova than any Delaware quarterback since.

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